Thick-billed Kingbird


Yuma Thick-billed Kingbird
Feb 15-21, 2003  
- posted by Henry Detwiler

Jeff Coker found this bird while participating in the Audubon Great Backyard Bird Count.

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Jeff Coker found this Thick-billed Kingbird on Saturday, Feb 15, 2003 in the late morning while compiling birds for the backyard bird count.  He contacted John King and Bob Henry, who also saw it on Saturday.  I was leading trips at the Salton Sea Bird Festival, so Jeff took me to see it this evening, after I returned to Yuma. 

Thick-billed Kingbird

Thick-billed Kingbird, No. Mockingbird, & European Starling

On afternoon of the 21st, I returned to the site and got some additional photos, including this photo where the kingbird is consorting with other avian brethren.


The bird is close to the intersection of Somerton Ave and 32nd Street, on the far west side of Yuma.  It hangs out along a canal on the east side side of 32nd Street.  


Thick-billed Kingbird at Sunset

If you visit this bird, please stay along the road or the canal--while the property owners east of Somerton Ave. are friendly, they have asked that we not stray onto their property.  Thanks!

Photos Henry D. Detwiler