Flame Skimmer at Doane Pond 


Palomar Mountain SP
Jul. 07, 2002 
Guide -
Bob Miller

A visit to Palomar Mountain State Park with Kathie. 

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More pics of the fox, like before he saw us and after he saw us!! Okay back to Doane Pond and lunch, which I could barely sit still for as we kept seeing these bright orange dragons zoom by!

Flame Skimmer

Common Whitetail female

The pond was teeming with life! Purple Martins above, all manner of interesting bugs on the shore and little schools of Bullhead catfish that looked more like floating weeds.

I first thought these damsels were Familiar Bluets but sometimes you have to have these critters in your hand with a good magnifying glass to know for sure. Lots of people were out for the day who had never had the opportunity to see nature this close without sitting on a couch with a remote.


The awe in their eyes when they come away from the spotting scope is priceless. Even if it was just a fly. But you gotta admit, it is a pretty cool fly! Can someone tell me what it is?

Super fly?

Rock Dudleya

Leaving the SP we took the Nate Harrison trail down the backside of the mountain. It is a dirt road and a bit rough in places but the view is forever. This flowering Dudleya was huge. 

Lake Henshaw

This view is from near Hwy's 76 & 79 on the south side of Lake Henshaw looking east toward Warner Springs. After dropping Kathie in Julian, I saw a Bobcat as I came out of her driveway!

Photos Bob Miller