San Diego Bay from atop Point Loma


Laguna Mtns, Cuyumaca SP and San Diego Coast.
Jul. 15, 2002 
Guide -
Bob Miller
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A day of birding with Beth from Pennsylvania. A morning from Ramona to the mountain peaks and down along the coast for the afternoon.  

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Forster's Tern

When we pulled into the San Diego River near Sea World the tide was about as low as I have ever seen it. Further west near Dog Beach the sand islands were busy with birds. 

All of the terns were here including these Least Tern young being fed by their parents. Whimbrel with Long-billed Curlew for comparison were a nice treat.

Juvenile Least Tern

Western Gull

A Little Blue Heron was feeding along the edges amongst the Western Gulls but it was so active I could not get a good picture of it.   Comical Ca Ground Squirrels and Sea Lions were in Quivira Basin.

California Ground Squirrel


Through Ocean Beach and along Sunset Cliffs we had Heermann's Gulls and Brandt's Cormorants. We stopped into the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery where the flowering Eucalyptus trees attracted lots of hummers. We saw not one single adult male hummer of any kind here though!?

Brandt's Cormorants at Sunset Cliffs

Anna's Hummingbird


Phainopepla were a real treat as was this young Black Phoebe and California Towhees. A Cooper's Hawk picked dinner out of the tree over our head! 

Black Phoebe

Juvenile Western Scrub-Jay
Bushtits and California Towhee entertained us at Virginia's Drip in Cabrillo National Monument. This lizard was the first to greet us upon arriving in the park. Western Scrub-Jays were 
plentiful and we had nice looks at male Anna's Hummingbirds here. As usual time had run out. I dropped Beth off downtown and met her family. Great day!!

Western Fence Lizard?

Photos Bob Miller