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San Diego Bird Festival
Feb 5-9, 2003
Page Two

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By Bob Miller

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Sunrise at Ramer Lake

Day two began spectacularly with a massive fly out from the Ramer Lake rookery. 

"The" Lesser Nighthawk at Finney Lake has been treating birders for over four years straight!.

Lesser Nighthawk at Finney Lake

The pipit search

We spent several hours walking several miles in search of Sprague's Pipits and longspurs. We missed on the pipits but had no lack of great birding and birds!

Savannah Sparrow

Mountain Bluebird

Bucking Best Lettuce

Vegetable harvest was in full swing putting food on America's tables from all across the Imperial Valley.

This adult Yellow-footed Gull was a great find on Obsidian Butte.

Yellow-footed Gull 


After watching the bird at a distance for awhile, it decided to come take a look at us!! 

It flew by us twice and then landed at the end of the same barnacle beach we were on!

The bird

Everyone had awesome looks in the scope and without it! 

It was so nice of the gull to join us for a group photo!!

The crew and the bird 


Photos Bob Miller