California Thrasher

Family: Mimids (Mimidae)
Genus & Species : Toxostoma redivivum
Status: Common to uncommon in southern California. Not present in Arizona.
Habitat: Mountain and coastal chaparral in southern California
Seen recently at: Jacumba, CA, close to the pond on the west side of town
Best Chances: The northeast end of the large pond on the west side of Jacumba, CA, has a reliable pair of these thrashers. Another excellent place is San Elijo Lagoon, off of the hiking trail that starts at the north end of Rios Ave., Del Mar. Especially on spring mornings, these thrashers will sit up on a bush or small tree and sing for extended periods of time.


California Thrasher, Imperial County

California Thrasher, Jacumba

California Thrasher, San Jacintos
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California Thrasher

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