Finding Birds in Southern Illinois

Black-bellied Whistling Duck

Would you like to see wintering Whooping Cranes, Trumpeter Swans, and five species of geese?
Listen to and watch breeding Henslow's Sparrows?
Search for Rough-legged Hawks in our grasslands?
Watch graceful Mississippi Kites snapping up dragonflies on the wing?
See Eagles once again breeding in the heartland?
Experience southern specialties like Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Chuck-will's-widow, Black Vulture, and Fish Crow?

Now you can, by ordering a copy of Finding Birds in Southern Illinois! This book provides detailed accounts of the best areas to bird in the 17 southernmost Illinois counties: forests, swamps, lakes, riverland bottoms, and grasslands. At the end of the book is a comprehensive bird checklist. Each chapter contains the following information:
- Habitat
- Target Birds
- General Description
- Birding Suggestions & Directions
- Site Notes

PREVIEW the "Introduction" and "Kaskaskia Island" chapters by clicking here!
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The print version of the book costs $20.00, which includes media mail postage. To order a copy of the book, choose from these options:
• Send a check for $20.00 to Henry Detwiler, 8815 S. Ave D., Yuma, AZ 85364, along with your name and address
• Click on the "Buy Now" button below to make an $20.00 payment using PayPal
(this option takes you to a secure PayPal link)

A PDF version of the book is also available and costs $11.00. Pay $11 via check or PayPal and send me an e-mail at, then I'll e-mail you the electronic copy of the bird guide. Thanks!


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