Southwest Birders is a partnership of birdwatchers who love the sport and would like to introduce you to the joys of birding at the Salton Sea, the Lower Colorado River Valley, and the remainder of Arizona. We know the area well and want to assist you in finding any birds that reside here. Write us if we can help in any way!

Birding Guide - Henry Detwiler


I started birding in grade school one snowy day when my parents bought a birdseed bell for our backyard in Carbondale, Illinois. Beau- tiful cardinals, chickadees, and titmice soon arrived to feast on the new-found bounty, so we bought a Peterson's field guide to ID them. I was hooked. That spring I ventured out on my bicycle in the surround- ing farmland and woods to discover wonderful feathered creatures like the Eastern Meadowlark, the Field Sparrow, and the handsome Scarlet Tanager. My first overnight field trip was a few years later when I rode along with some college students to the plains of central Illinois to camp out in a barn. We arose at 4:00 a.m. the next morning and entered our blinds. As dawn broke, Greater Prairie Chickens emerged from the fields and started booming and dancing for us.

The Air Force took me to Oklahoma, where I got my first real taste of the West, and was treated to spectacular birds like the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and Golden Eagle.  Two years in the San Francisco area allowed me to experience the towering redwoods and the Pacific Ocean.  Rarities were a way of life, and on one day I chased and located a Brambling and a White-tailed Wagtail in the same afternoon. In 1990 I moved to Yuma, half way between San Diego and Phoenix. My stomping grounds now include two of the hottest birding locales in the U.S., the Salton Sea and southeastern Arizona. Over the years I have served as president of the Southern Illinois Audubon Society, as a member of the Arizona Rare Bird Committee, written bird-finding articles for "Winging It" and "Birder's World," participated in the AZ Breeding Bird Survey, assisted with 40 years' worth of Christmas bird counts, and in 2000 we started up Southwest Birders. 

My primay focus now is writing bird-finding guides, and I have ones for Southwest Arizona, for Imperial and San Diego Counties in California, and for Southern Illinois. I don't do any guiding any more, but am happy to assist with your plans to visit our area.

Behaviors & Field Marks

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Birding Guide - Bob Miller

bob miller

I was born and raised in the Imperial Valley, where the sun spends the winter, and I still hang my many different hats here, where I grew up exploring the local deserts, lakes, mountains, and fields. Am not currently guiding at this time but may jump back into it on occasion.

Behaviors & Field Marks

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